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socialgoSocial networking is becoming popular these days and people like making friends through social networking websites. Today a social networking is used to build business also. SocialGO is the creator of social networking sites for anyone. You can create a stand-alone website of your own in minutes or you can link it with any other website. SocialGO is service based on the browser and can be operated from good servers. It does not require any kind of software downloads and anybody can access the website from anywhere. With SocialGO, you can create a social networking site for building online community or business site.

Videos, Photos and Promoting Events Features

There are several features available for your website. The website created with the help of SocialGO consists of tabs for forums, media such as videos and photos and events. You can also find a Magazine tab that helps in blogging. Magazine tab allows the members of the website to write blog posts and there any member of the social networking community can write content on the website. It helps to post content from any user which can be easily done by those who are participating in the network created by SocialGO.


Newsfeeds also can be inserted by the users with the help of a News tab. You can also customize this News tab in order to communicate on bigger issues. The options for customizing the features available at SocialGo are dependable. Users have several options for the customizing by going to the admin of SocialGO. You can have customizable themes, video instant messaging, chat and several other widgets by creating a website with the help of Social GO. Blogs and forums can be started very easily by importing the blog’s feed. You can publish your ads, Video, Audio, text chat and use your domain.

Twitter, Facebook, Games All Here

You can import Twitter connect and Facebook connect easily. You can follow the members and visitors profiles easily as you can see the names of the individuals who visited the site. LabTunes are available to play music. You will get customizable games also. You will also get help to design your website from SocialGO designers. You can also choose third party website designers. The option of member billing can be purchased from widget store so that you can take money as subscription fees from the members of your website. If you are not interested to have any traces of SocialGO, then you may remove all the contents of SocialGO from your social networking website as there is an option to create private or public network.

social go

Free or Free Premium Trial

Everything can be created through admin panel. Only limitation is your imagination. It is Free to create a social network or you can have Free 30 days trial. The trial enables you to know the features of SocialGO. You have to pay $29.99 per month for paid subscriptions. If you are using the Concierge version of SocialGO, then you don’t have to worry about the maintaining of your website as SocialGO will manage it efficiently on monthly basis. It is really worth to consider SocialGo to create your website.

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